Video 2: Our Immune System Reflected The Global Pandemic: A Body-Mind Centering® Perspective (UCV#2)


This was a webinar created in September 2020.

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Video #2 from Webinar Series:  Understanding The Coronavirus From The Body’s Perspective”

Our Immune System Reflected The Global Pandemic: A Body-Mind Centering® Perspective (UCV#2)

Applying BMCsm principles became a key factor during the illness, my recovery, and later explorations. Embodied awareness helped me to track which systems were affected. When gasping for breath I was led out of the stifled respiratory tract into the spaces of subcutaneous breathing. When the vertebrate patterns created an overwhelming response, I was led to the pre-vertebrate patterns which invited a soft release. When an irregular heartbeat appeared, my venous capillaries called and brought balanced rhythms. Now in recovery, the explorations and application are endless–continuing to enlighten my curiosity.

In this webinar we will explore the tone of cellular vibration, sponging as an invitation for respiratory breathing, invitation for blood flow through the capillaries, and fluid breathing patterns of the subcutaneous layers

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About this video series:

My hope is that these webinars provide an opportunity for you to find fascination with something that is scary, gain insight on the potential of your body’s mind, and integrate and apply this information in your personal and professional lives.

Don’t worry about having a somatic, medical, therapeutic, or movement language.  These webinars should be accessible for everyone. 

Leading experts in the field of somatic therapy and education will be sharing their embodied knowledge with you.  Annie Brook, PHD, from Boulder, Colorado; Toni Smith, BMCP, from Troy, New York; and myself, Wendy Masterson, RSMT/E, from Great Falls, Montana.  Each of us will bring our unique perspective of the body’s physiological mind and developmental sequences in connection with the Coronavirus.

These webinars arose from my personal experience with Covid-19 in January 2020—long before the virus had a name.  When the coronavirus struck me, it was quick, voracious–essentially a full body pandemic. My immune system responded as quickly, and my cellular tone was amplified both within the virus and my immunity response

As a longtime practitioner and educator of Body-Mind Centering® and movement practices, I have the tools to listen to my body’s mind and allow it to be my guide.  During my illness and recovery, I was constantly exploring the virus and my body’s engagement with the virus and its “self”.  Even today as I continue to turn the petals of this amazing experience, I learn more and more about myself and the wondrous nature of the coronavirus. Although challenging to get through the viral explosion and immune response, this experience has been a gift in many ways.

About The Presenters:

Wendy Masterson
Director, The Motion Space LLC
Wendy Masterson has an extensive career as an educator, administrator, choreographer and artist. Upon retiring from Interlochen Arts Academy (Michigan) in 2016, she opened The Motion Space in Montana where she combiners her background as a Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner and Infant Developmental Movement Educator; GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer/Trainer and GYROKINESIS® Trainer; Somatic Dance Educator; and Reiki Master in working with infants through adults on balancing movement, fitness and recuperation.  She holds sessions online and in her studio. Wendy served on the BMCA Board of Directors for six years and co-directed The Kinesthetic Learning Center, a BMCsm training program. She has presented her work at international somatic movement and dance medicine conferences.
Toni Smith
Toni Smith has a B.A. in Dance and Religion from American University and an M.F.A. in Dance from Temple University. She is achoreographer and a current member of the New York State DanceForce.  She was the Artistic Director of Toni Smith and Dancers, toured with the Vanaver Caravan and worked with various other contemporary choreographers.  Toni Smith a member of the dance faculty at Skidmore College for two decades, and served as the Artistic Director of the National Museum of Dance.  She currently has a private practice in Body-Mind Centering® and is a Certified Infant Development Movement Educator working with adults and children and professionals in the field of disabilities and wellness.  Toni Smith has served as the Faculty Advisor for Summer Dance at Skidmore College for three decades. Toni teaches yoga for all ages and abilities.  Toni is a  dance scholar and guest lecturer whose recent articles, “The Last Pirouette”, “The Story of D” “Seven Moments of Codification” “Psycho-physical Integration” were published in Currents, the Journal of the Body-Mind Centering® Association.  She is a frequent reviewer of African American Dance texts for The Multicultural Review.  Toni Smith is the Founder and a Member of Partners in Dance: a Consortium of Capital Region Dance Sponsors.
Annie Brook
Ph.D, LPC, RSME, BodyMind Centering® Teacher
Annie Brook is a therapist in high regard in the Somatic community. Her unique experiential approach gets lasting results with complex trauma. She blends psychotherapy, sensory-motor neuroscience/cognition, play therapy, early bonding attachment, Body-Mind Centering, cranial sacral, touch/movement education, and perinatal therapy. Annie draws on over 3 decades of experience, and has worked as a therapist in public schools, Children’s Hospital Child Trauma centers in Oakland and Seattle, as former Director of Body Psychotherapy in the MA Somatic Psychology program at Naropa University, and co-owns Colorado Therapies. She has learned to help work with complex trauma on an embodied level; helping those in the most difficult situations, such as abused foster children, adopted children and their families, and gang youth. Annie understands families, embodied development, and health.