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Classes & Course Offerings

Wendy is pleased to offer a variety of group classes (3+ participants) and courses (in-depth study groups).  These courses are live, pre-recorded, or online.  In person classes are held at The Motion Space unless otherwise noted.

Class and course scheduling is dependent upon participants’ interest and their individual schedules.  Contact Wendy prior to registration or if you have a topic for a specific class or course.

Offerings include:

Senior Swans Ballet Class:  Adult ballet class.  Have fun moving!  Class includes movement sequences and stretching.  Held at Miss Linda’s School of Dance. Tuesdays 3:00 – -3:45.  Call for dates.

The Mind of Touch, a 3-class series  exploring  the minds of cellular. skeletal, and fluid facilitation through touch and movement.

Embodied Movement Principles, a 3-class series  exploring the Connecting Triangles, infant developmental sequences, and the use of leverage.  

Contact Wendy for details.

  • Adult Ballet

May Schedule
Tuesdays    3:00 – 3:45  MDT $15.00
Location: Miss Linda’s School of Dance

Summer Schedule
tuesdays starting June 16
5:30 – 6:15
 $15 per class
Register at The Motion Space
Location:  Miss Linda’s School of Dance


  • Intermediate GYROKINESIS® Class (online)

Monday and/or Wednesday
1:00p – 2:00p     $96/monrh

Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
M/W 1:00p – 2:00p
Fri 9:00a – 10:00a  $120/month

Work on core strength, balance, and flexibility in this flowing class of sequential movements of the spine, arms, and legs.  Exercises are easily adapted to all fitness levels.  Exercises are seated, on the floor, and standing.

Please register 1-hour prior to start-time.

Are you interested in becoming a licensed GYROTONIC® Trainer?  The GYROTONIC® Method is a marvelous tool for helping people of all ages move without pain while building strength, flexibility, and balance.  Wendy is a licensed Pre-Trainer of the GYROTONIC® Method who offers a nurturing learning environment.  The Motion Space was the first GYROTONIC studio in the state to offer GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® certification courses. Participant maximum:  6.

  • The Art of Falling

This is one of the most popular courses at The Motion Space.  Learn how to fall down safely.      

“I fell down a 15’ embankment on a summer hike. In the midst of the fall, I used what Wendy taught me in class.  I credit this class for giving me information that I could use “in the moment” of the fall and I came out of it without serious injury.”

This recorded 3-webinar series on the body’s perspective of the coronavirus is available here (link shop page)

  • Merging Movement, Mind, & Dance

This course is designed for dance or movement instructors.  This course explores dance pedagogy  and artistry from the body’s perspective.

  • Private Ballet for Teens – Adults

Wendy offers ½ hour private sessions for teens-adults.  Learn the beautiful artistry of ballet movements that increase strength, flexibility, and balance.  For novices and professionals.

  • Intermediate – Advanced Ballet

Miss Linda’s School of Dance

These classes are developed around individuals’ questions.  For instance:

I had Covid-19, how can I release my congested lungs?

I keep falling over, how do I work on my vestibular sensory?

I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists.  How can I release pain through movement?

I need to make a decision – how does my body guide me through this process?

I am not sleeping.  How can movement help me to find restful ease?

How does play help brain development?

Our bodies go through movement sequences that support our development from birth, to sitting up, to crawling, to standing, to walking, to running, and onward.  These movement sequences are part of our DNA/genome.  Understanding how to support your infant or your own movement patterns, will support not only motion, but also brain development from the low brain through the higher cortexes.  All of your learning preferences and those of your infant such as choice-making affinities, problem solving, and relationship patterns come from these early infant developmental movement patterns.

How do I support my infant in rolling or sitting?

I have noticed my child moving primarily from the arms.  How do I connect the legs and feet?

How does my infant learn how to navigate through space?

How does sensory play a role in infant development?

What are my infant patterns?  How do these patterns effect my life today?


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