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(pronounced ray-kee), a natural non-invasive yet powerful healing technique, is given by gentle touch. Its use promotes relaxation and restoration on emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment but compliments, supports, and enhances a variety of treatment and therapies. Utilized in combination with a somatic approach, Reiki aids in relaxation, connectivity, and recovery.

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Unique Reiki training sessions combined with somatic principles of embodiment lead to a rich and diverse understanding of this powerful healing technique. Reiki Certification Courses are limited to 20 people

For the Curious: An Introduction
Want to learn about this simple yet effective technique? Explore our natural energy fields and how to facilitate and open the flow of these vibrational patterns.

Reiki I Certification: The Beginning
This course introduces the Usai Reiki principles and hand positions. After an attunement that opens the energy channels, students will practice giving and receiving energy. A pdf manual is included.

Reiki II Certification: Turning on the Power
After completing Reiki I, learn and become attuned to the Reiki Power Symbols. Each symbol has specific characteristics in opening energy pathways. A pdf manual is included.

Reiki Master Practitioner
After completing Reiki I & II, learn the Reiki Master Symbols. This will deepen your practice and certify you to teach Reiki.

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