eBook: 3 Simple Explorations of your Energy Fields


by Wendy Masterson


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This eBook explores how we perceive energy.  The movement sequences are easy to follow.

I remember very clearly when I was introduced to Reiki nearly thirty years ago. A
colleague and visiting professor asked me to go with her to a Reiki I training. I had no idea
what to expect but I plucked up my courage and said ”Yes”. So on a rainy Sunday
morning in October, I drove her to the training and stayed for an intense 7-hour session. The
energy transmission in the room awoke my awareness of something I already knew –
energy healing. That day of enlightenment began my pathway to share this hands-on
healing technique with others.

Reiki is a traditional, non-invasive, healing technique that uses specific hand positions to realign the body’s
energy centers and promotes relaxation and stress reduction,